Purchases and Acquisitions

We are proud to have been closely involved in a number of large scale business deals and agreements that have proved to be beneficial to all parties involved. The following information is a sample case of our work.

CODERE is the only Spanish company in the gaming industry that is publicly traded. As the largest horse racing and simulcasting developer group operating in Latin America, CODERE joint ventured in 2001 with Sociedad Latinoamericana de Inversiones (SLI) in Uruguay to form Hipica Rioplatense de Uruguay (HRSA). This new company was established to manage and operate the Hipodromo Nacional de Maroñas located in Uruguay. The company is now serving a growing network of OTB locations.

Maronas Racetrack.

The company was granted a 30 year lease to manage and operate the Maroñas Racetrack.

Mr. Arturo Alemany, President and CEO of MIR International Services, Inc., envisioned that the success of operating the Maroñas Racetrack would depend on obtaining consulting services from one of the best racing operations in the U.S. Thanks to Mr. Alemany's contacts, he was able to secure the interest of the management consortium of Lone Star Park to act as an in-house consultant to the Latin American operation.

MIR was instrumental in procuring and initiating the logistics for significant projects like the start-up of GlobaSat, a Mexican representative of the Satellite consortium IntelSat, which owns and manages a constellation of communication satellites around the world.


Global Sat installations in Tijuana Mexico.