Santiago Gonzalez de Cosio
Commercial Director

Santiago Gonzalez de Cosio as an International Corporate Consultant for over 10 years has been involved in the telecommunications industry as contract negotiator for the simulcasting of horse and greyhound racing as well as with the purchasing of technological and commercial industry related products. He is responsible for allocating a $12 million budget and signing over 50 contracts per year.

His expertise includes the development of strategic projects, contract negotiation, and relationship procurement with key personalities in the associations, regulatory offices and horsemen groups. One outstanding task Santiago has been focused on, is maintaining signal integrity of racing suppliers throughout his geographic area of representation - Latin America. He has also been a regular contributing presenter at conferences and meetings within the discipline. Previously, he served in a number of management capacities in the areas of international commerce, transportation and government offices. Santiago has an MBA from one of the top graduate programs in Mexico that contributed to his BS degree on Computer Science from San Diego State University (SDSU)